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The saints, throughout the ages, have been adopted as patron saints for all sorts of professions, as well as health problems, special needs, countries and many other features of daily life. The saints willingly trusted and opened their hearts to God, who because of that, He was able to do wonderful, delightful and inspiring things through them. The idea of sainthood came about in early Christianity because, according to Scripture, the prayers of a holy soul are deemed more beneficial than those of ordinary souls. These saints live as we do now in the Communion of Saints, and the practice of invoking these exemplary men and women for support when praying to God continues today. These brothers and sisters in Christ are companions on our faith journey. Assignment of an official patronage for a saint to an occupation, way of life or to guard against illness is typically decided by the Pope and through a Cause of Canonization. However, patronage sometimes evolves through custom and practice or myth and legend, without official recognition at all. The choice of a saint to be a patron for a country is made by a reigning monarch, government or Church leader. As patrons, we are asking these various saints to be an advocate for us with something that may have related to their life on earth. As you browse through list of Patron Saints, you will discover the amazing intercessory power of the saints and the meanings to their patronage.

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