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AKA: Arts, Creatives

In Christianity, beauty is seen as an important aspect of the faith and is often used to communicate religious ideas and values. Christianity views beauty as a reflection of God's creativity and goodness, and it is believed to have a spiritual dimension that transcends the physical realm. Works of art are not simply aesthetically pleasing but are also intended to inspire and uplift the viewer, drawing them closer to God. Creators of art are important to the Christian faith.

Artists express their creativity through painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, music, dance, theater, photography, film, or other forms of media. For many artists, the process of creating art is a way to communicate ideas, emotions, and experiences to others. Artists often aim to evoke a response from their audience, whether it's a feeling of beauty, wonder, sadness, or some other emotion. Ultimately, being an artist is a unique and personal journey, and it can mean different things to different people. It can also be a hard journey to take because it is often a passion and not always easy to make a living from. The Saints are there for those on their creative journey to walk with them along the way.

Artist's Paint Brushes

Who is the Patron Saint of Artists

There are many Saints related to specific areas of the creative arts such as musicians, writers, actors and painters but for artists and creatives in general, the most well-known Patron Saint of Artists is St. Catherine of Bologna. Another Saint invoked by artists is St. Luke the Apostle.

St. Catherine of Bologna was an Italian nun and artist who lived in the 15th century and was known for her artistic talent and spiritual devotion. She was a talented painter, musician, and writer, and is said to have used her artistic gifts to illustrate and explain the teachings of the Catholic Church. Her beautifully painted miniatures are preserved at the convent of Corpo di Cristo in Bologna to this day.

Saint Catherine is the patron saint of artists because of her artistic talent and her devotion to using her gifts for religious purposes. She is also considered to be a model of spiritual devotion, humility, and obedience, and is revered by many as a saint who lived a life of service to God. She continues to inspire artists, art lovers, and spiritual seekers around the world.

St. Luke was a doctor by trade but well-known for his artistry of words with his moving accounts of the parables as a Gospel writer. There is also a legend that he painted icons of the Virgin Mary. One of the icons credited to him is that of Our Lady of Czestochowa. There are many paintings done by 15th and 16th century artists depicting St. Luke painting Mary. Regardless, he is a good saint to call upon for any artist.

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Prayers for Artists

St. Catherine of Bologna Prayer for Artists

Dear saintly Poor Clare, Saint Catherine of Bologna, so rich in love for Jesus and Mary, you were endowed with great talents by God and you left us most inspiring writings and paintings for wondrous beauty. You did all for God’s greater glory and in this you are a model for all. Make artists learn lessons from you and use their talents to the full. Amen

Prayer of Artists

Almighty God, You are the Divine Artist. I come to You with humility. I thank You for the talent that You have lent me. I thank You for the skill that You have made me learn. I thank You for the vision of art that You have made me see. And most of all, I thank You for the gift of life that You have entrusted to me.

Heavenly Father, please continue to enlighten me, with pure and modest ideas. Please help me share this talent to others; take my hand and guide me to draw and create beautiful things; hold me and let me see more of those wonderful scenes to photograph; touch and inspire me to design with fresh ideas so others can see; and feel your goodness through my work of art; deliver me from evil works and guide me to the right path.

Dear God, as an artist, I turn myself to You through my projects and ideas, let me be Your instrument to spread Your Holy Name all these for You and Your Son Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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