Scapular Medals

Scapular Medals hold profound significance in the realm of Catholic devotion. Rooted in the ancient tradition of the scapular, these medals are not merely ornamental but bear a spiritual weight that spans centuries. The scapular itself is a sacramental, traditionally worn as a sign of consecration and protection. The dual-sided nature of these religious medals encapsulates the images associated with the Brown Scapular, often featuring Our Lady of Mount Carmel on one side and the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the other. Wearing a Scapular Medal necklace is a tangible way for believers to connect with their faith, seeking the intercession and protection traditionally associated with the scapular. Embrace the rich history, symbolism, and spiritual journey embedded in each Scapular Medal as you carry a timeless emblem of faith close to your heart. Our Scapular Medals come in either sterling silver or gold.

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