About Patron Saint Medals

Who We Are

Family Owned and Operated

We are a Catholic family living in beautiful Colorado. Laurel takes care of our customer service and David runs the website. We have four precious children, this side of heaven, Cole, Darby, Hadley and Peter, that attend a Catholic hybrid school.

Our mission is to equip the faithful with beautiful, quality, religious items that represent the extraordinary beauty of our faith. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Thank you for supporting our family business!

Easy to Use

Even though we have a huge selection with personalized options, multiple sizes and a unique ability to sell Bliss pendants independently or with a chain, we strive to make the online shopping and ordering experience great and easy to use.

Highest Quality

All of our sterling silver products are made to the highest .925 quality standard of purity and marked for your assurance. Our gold products are 14kt and come in two options, affordable gold-filled or solid gold.

Personal Service

Laurel loves helping customers find just the right jewelry or gift when they call for help. She also personally troubleshoots any issues and walks you through what is going on and what to expect.

Made in USA

All of our highly slective suppliers are US based and over 90% of the products are made here in America. The remaining few are imported from Italy and checked for quality.



eCommerce Manager

Putting 16 years of online experience to work on making a great user experience. I am on the board of the St. John Paul II High School, coach soccer and play lots of games with my kids.


Head of Customer Service

I follow the Golden Rule to treat others the way I would like to be treated when interacting with customers. I am on the board of the Sacred Heart Academy, coach soccer and read lots of books personally and to my kids.


Established in 2001

Deacon Phil started Patron Saint Medals as one of the first online stores selling religious medals and jewelry. He ran the business for 17 years until he decided to focus all of his time as a Deacon. We bought it from him in 2018 and have done our best to carry on his legacy while working to improve the shopping and customer service experience.

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